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Amlou manufactures healthy and natural furnishing textiles, which are handmade according to an ancient tradition. We have a cooperative in Morocco consisting of 89 women who live and breathe for the craft that has passed away from mother to daughter. When you buy textiles through Amlou, you get an organic and authentic handicraft that contains a unique history. The women use old Amazigh symbols, each of which has its own special meaning. By interpreting the symbols, you can choose the carpet that makes sense for the individual and thereby get a completely personal and unique touch to his home.

We are a family business that is locally and globalrooted in double importance, as we both have a heart that banks in Morocco and one in Denmark, so even if we are resident in Denmark, and that is where we operate our business, then we have a close relationship with our Partners in Morocco, which we regularly contact with, as well as personally. The relationship is important to cultivate, to understand the reality our collaborators live in, and to be able to pass on their message. That's why we are local and global in both places.

Amlous values are based on 3 basic principles: 

  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Quality

Authenticity in its two meanings, namely, that Amlou is authentic and completely transparent, so you can see which gets the wool from your carpet coming from and which woman has attached or woven it. It is important for us that the process is transparent to ensure Credibility. Authentic in its second meaning is also essential to us, as we work with women who have been in Master's teachings by their mothers and where the technique has been passed on for generations, and in this way we ensure the genuine, original and quality craftsmanship.

Amlous's mission is to offer natural and authentic furnishing textiles that come directly from nature into the homes. We hope the idea is forgoing, so more people actively choose natural furnishing, which provides a healthier indoor climate and where the performance is based on longevity and not in order to pass.

Amlous vision is to spread the narrative of the unique and cultural historical craftsmanship performed by Amazigh women from Morocco and get it into people's hearts and homes. We have chosen to open a cooperative, since in this way we ensure good wages and working conditions for women so that they can raise the standard of living for themselves and their families.

Our principle is that women themselves should reap the fruits of their work and therefore they will be given the price they lay down and always prior to their production. In this way we ensure both loyalty and quality.

Amlou supports the world's sustainable Development goals, and you can do this by acting at Amlou, because our textiles do not have a last date of durability, but rather are ageing with grace and become more worthwhile. The artisanal tradition goes back to 1500 F. V. T, and at that time it was not produced with a built-in permanence, so that a short time after it was to buy new, and that principle still applies today.

Amlou for nature and you <3
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