Rugs FAQ's

It seems that there is a mistake in my carpet. What should I do?
At Amlou we are all dedicated 100% to quality. We check all our products cautiously, but mistakes can still occur. If you receive a rug with errors, please contact us with a picture of the problem so we can find out how to best solve the situation. We're going to find out a solution.

Do you work with interior designers, architects and stylists?
Yes! We love designers and we are happy that you have found us. We often work with interior designers, architects and stylists. We are delighted to offer skilled interior designers, architects and designers exclusive discounts on many products. 

Is there free shipping at Amlou?
There is, at least! Our shipment is always free.

Are there any additional import costs or taxes I need to worry about?
No. Amlou provides all taxes for you. If you are ever taxed for any reason, please contact us and we will refund you the amount immediately.

Is it possible to track how far my order has been reached?
No problem. We have made the trace effective and reliable. Just contact us and we will give you your order status. As soon as your rug is finished, we'll send you an email with your tracking info. This way you always know how far your carpet is from your home.

Is it possible to change the delivery address after I have ordered?
Yes, you can change the delivery address after you have completed your order. Just contact us and we'll change it. Remember though; If your blanket has already been sent, we can't change the delivery address. In this situation, you may have to pay an additional delivery fee.



Is it possible for you to help me with my blanket order?
Yes. We have professional, private textile designers to help you. Email us just with your questions and ideas so our designers can help you completely free.

How long does it take to make my carpet?
A beautiful rug takes time to make. Every rug is the result of a lot of love, care and work. We have streamlined the process so it only takes about 4-12 weeks to make one of our hand-woven carpets. (Larger carpets typically take longer than smaller carpets.) As soon as your order is ready, we'll send you an email with your tracking code, so you know when your rug is finished and sent to you.

How long does the shipment take?
We are with, You will have your rug-right away. Therefore, we will send your rug as soon as possible after it is finished. This usually is within 2 weeks. The shipping time varies according to the country in question. After we send your rug, you get a tracking number so you can keep an eye on your carpet.

Where does Amlou send?
We ship to anywhere in the world – no matter where!

I am not satisfied with my Amlou rug. What should I do?
[Return and refund]
Here is the long of the short; We only want you to keep your rug if you love it. If, for any reason, you should not be satisfied with your carpet, return it within 10 days – without any problems. Custom carpets and rugs from our stock sales can only be returned if there are problems with the quality.

I wonder about my email confirmation. I don't think I ever got one. What should I do?
Amlou sends an email confirmation as soon as you placed your order. If, for some reason, you do not receive an email confirmation, check your spam or junk filter to see if the e-mail is there. If you do not find it there, please contact us. We will send you a new confirmation email immediately.

Can I order a sample?
Yes, you just need to contact us and we'll send you a sample for a small amount. You can get samples of any rug you want.

Selling in wholesale?
Yes, Amlou sells wholesale. Contact us to find out more!

I would like to show you a photo of my room so you can advise me on the best carpet options. Can I do that?
You must send us a photo. In this way, our designers can make the best recommendations regarding carpets. Our design team is ready when you need us. We happily share our expertise and can't wait to see your photos.