Code of conduct | Amlou

Labour rights and working environment


We act in accordance with human rights and ask same requirements for our suppliers. We will not accept child or forced labor and we recognize rights for workers. That means none of our workers are obliged to work only with Amlou.

No employees must be subjected to discrimination or harassment due to age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, political views or ethnic origin.

Amlou works consciously and systematically for a good working environment, both physically and psychosocially. The overall goal is to establish a safe and healthy workplace that promotes both employee and company development.




Amlou is a social and environmental responsible business who has chosen to use business as a force for good. We are a family business who are employing and empowering a minority group of women because it is our vision to improve the living and working conditions by given work to the women. We wish to create a snowball effect for all the women to gain independency to choose their path in life and we hope this will reflect on their children too. By given the women the opportunity of employment and being independent, then they can create a better future for their children.

We fight against cultural appropriation because we want to empower the minority cultures and give them the credit for their artwork and crafts.

Environmental care


In according to the sustainable development goals we produce by order. In that way we can guarantee a responsible production and responsible consumption because all our products are made from natural materials and produced by hand. The textiles are made from wool of free mountain sheep. Another product line is made from vintage fabrics in that way we restore and create instead of waste. The leather we use is the remainders from the fashion industry and because of that our collections are limited edition.

We are driven by a desire of given new generations good conditions and that is why we are focusing on the environment and acting in a climate-friendly way internally as well as externally. 


Animal welfare


All animals are fed and treated with dignity and respect and no animal must deliberately be harmed nor exposed to pain in their lifespan.

The wool we use to the textiles comes from mountain sheep who lives a free life.

The leather we use for our products are the remainders from the fashion industry and waste leather for small products. In that way we use what is already there.