Certified B Corporation™

Amlous statutes and purposes in relation to social and environmental value creation
We strive to continue to set footprints that have a significant positive impact on society and the environment as a whole. That is why we manufacture our products in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals, where we focus on transparent and responsible production that makes it easier for customers to make active and informed choices about products that are manufactured responsibly. In this way, we are also instrumental in helping customers to a more responsible consumption.
Our products are manufactured by hand and for longevity, and we also recycle materials that would otherwise have been discarded, and this is for waste disposal. We work with locals who are organized in cooperatives, and this is to ensure good working conditions and wages that are written down in their charter / cooperation agreement.
We use our company to create value for local communities, cooperatives, customers and the environment.
We work to do good on a global scale, where the local community is credited for their craft and obtains the means to invest in their own and their children's future.
We strive to keep finding sustainable solutions that minimize the impact on the climate.

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