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Amlou offers:

If you want to try out some products at home by yourself, Amlou offers:

That we come home to you with the products you would like to test in your home (radius: 50km from 9300 Sæby no charge – then 1 kr. per km)

    In addition, you can:

    • Appointment time in our showroom – we give you all the time you need, guidance on the treatment of the products, so the lifespan rises, the history behind the design and the duration of manufacture and of course coffee – then you can get the product home and test it in your Accommodation
    • Ask our current customers about their experience of trading with Amlou

    What you get from Amlou is:

    • Natural fabrics for a healthier indoor climate
    • Handmade and unique products manufactured in accordance with the UN's world goals
    • Sustainable production