Organic Culinary Argan oil | Amlou

Our product is as pure as can be – the fruit is handpicked from the argan trees, roasted and pressed into the bottles. No chemistry only nature.
Rich in omega 6 and omega 9, D vitamin and E vitamin. Check our analysis. 
The delicious nutty flavour makes the oil good for both salads and vegetables and sweets like pastries and desserts.
The oil is a pure natural product, and its unique properties make it not only taste good, but also super healthy. Much research has been done as both edible and cosmetic oil, and every year research results are published, showing that the argan oil is a power product good for diabetes 2, overweight and high cholesterol.
Each fruit contains one kernel and before they are pressed into oil, they are roasted to bring out the delicious nutty flavor. There are approx. 2-3 kg. roasted kernels for 1 liter of oil.


Organic culinary argan oil 100ml 99,00 kr 99,00 kr