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The carpets come from Atlasbjergne, where there are over 55 different strains of the indigenous population, called Amazigh. Amazigh means ' free men ', and it has an added significance since the people can be traced back to Pharaoh's time when they, as a merchant of the day, produced and traded with carpets. Amazigh women's linking technique continues to build on the ancient tradition, and the carpets are therefore associated with quality and good needlework. Women live their tradition and use the same methods as the tradition requires, as they have respect for the craft that has been inherited.

Originally, there has been a difference between the purpose of the carpets and thus also the technique of linking. If the carpets are attached with large loose loops, then it has been originally for the purpose of staying warm. If, on the other hand, the rug is attached, the object of the carpet has been to sit. The carpets are handmade and every carpet will thus be different from each other. So you add something unique to your home that you are one of. Whether you want an oriental vibe a la Sheherezades 1001 night's Tales, or whether you want a real rug in your hallway, living room or even as a tapestry. All options are there and Amlou will be helpful in fulfilling any special request.

KHARITA 265 x 170 cm 8.700,00 kr 8.700,00 kr
KHARITA 260 x 160 cm 8.200,00 kr 8.200,00 kr
KHARITA 210 x 105 cm 6.500,00 kr 6.500,00 kr
KHARITA 200 x 110 cm 6.200,00 kr 6.200,00 kr
KHARITA 200 x 100 cm 6.100,00 kr 6.100,00 kr
KHARITA 270 x 65 cm 5.900,00 kr 5.900,00 kr
KHARITA 250 x 65 cm 5.800,00 kr 5.800,00 kr
KHARITA 230 x 80 cm Sold Out Sold Out
KHARITA 215 x 70 cm 5.800,00 kr 5.800,00 kr
KHARITA 200 x 90 cm 4.300,00 kr 4.300,00 kr
KHARITA 150 x 115 cm 4.000,00 kr 4.000,00 kr
Vintage KHARITA 215 x 110 cm 3.300,00 kr 3.300,00 kr
Vintage KHARITA 200 x 100 cm 2.800,00 kr 2.800,00 kr
KHARITA 100 x 90 cm Sold Out Sold Out