Zero Mika… Morocco as a sustainable pioneering country | Amlou

The plastic bags are dancing in the wind, but it is a sight that Morocco has been one of the first countries in the world to make up with. Morocco paves the way to prevent more plastics from ending up in nature, as the country has seen the the rostrum the in its own eye , in the sense that Morocco has been a major consumer of the practical material. The plastics problem is not only what is produced, but also what is already emitted in nature, and here Morocco has a clear policy-total stop of production and the use of plastic bags. In addition to this ban, the country also has a microlevel change discourse, which branches to the macro level. It is this innovative bottom-up change that inspires us and which we would like to support. It is not only favorable for the country, the nature and the globe, but also for the individual who collects cart-loads of plastic – a form of deposit system that is paid for the number of kilograms you deposit at recycling stations.

We are inspired by the unfamiliar and different things that are jumping into the eyes, and here there are men with donkeys and horses who drive around and collect plastic for recycling. The approach is admirable, and in order for it to succeed, it is not enough that it is a private man who enters the road. On the contrary, we producers must take responsibility for us and produce in a transparent and sustainable way, so that it is easy for consumers to choose on and off.

Our intention is to produce in accordance with the Un sustainable development goals, so that both the choice of materials and production conditions are responsible – and when the process is transparent, we also make it easier for our customers to take responsible and Sustainable choices. We follow in the footsteps of the innovative garbage men and use the surplus industry leaves behind. By upcycle we reduce waste and revive the value of a product that would have been discarded.

Amlou's upcoming product series will be based on upcycling, so instead of materials being thrown away, we wake them up in a different form, so you can be more responsible and in a good conscience.

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