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Sunday is the day of rest, so we hope you all relax:-) It has been a long time since you have heard from us, but it is not because we have been on Sunday every day, on the contrary, it is because we are engaging in exciting new initiatives and then we forget everything around us:-) But now we must try to tap into ourselves and be more transparent, so you can keep up with what we are doing – and we hope you will.

Firstly, we are planning a new trip to Morocco – and it is a difficult mapping when the country is over 10 x as big as DK! The routes we have put are not at present Nice spun out as spider webs, but a patchwork without equal, and then it is good that chaos is our creative playground:-)

We are not two pieces of a piece, but two paragraphs which do not turn into a valley, and that is a force, because in this way we strengthen and complement each other's ideas. And ideas, we have plenty of and fortunately also some skilled collaborators who can realise them. We are making design for our sustainable line and we can reveal that being a company that is socially and environmentally responsible is harder than Put a big production in motion! We pay close attention to the choice of materials and the method of manufacture, and therefore we have to be present in the phase before the starting shot sounds.

To give you a hint of what we are tinding with, it is a limitless and innovative interpretation of home textiles and clothing and perhaps even a merger of the two.

Continuation follows...

Good Sunday

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