In 2018, it is about daring… | Amlou

…To stand out and personalize your home by choosing different and special components that are only available in a limited number. It is laid up to mix styles, colors, materials and patterns and thus to create its very own style.

We go from the minimalist Nordic universe to a more southern inspired with stronger colours, replacing the cold shades with a brown color gamut on both furniture and carpets. Especially burnt colors such as rust, soil and terracotta and darker colors from nature must create cosiness and warmth in the dwelling. The nuances vary and are gladly combined with the trendy deep blue and purple of the year. The dark colors can be used on large surfaces, to transform a room into a cozy cave or on smaller elements, such as furniture and woven carpets, to create depth and effect beyond the personal touch.

The Swiper age makes us crade for the natural, sensory and tactile that we can feel and touch, and it must appear quirky and imperfect, as this will make its authenticity.

The message is do not be afraid to blend the colors, patterns and structures of your home, for the more personal and authentic the better.

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