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Where should you use a loosely attached carpet and a woven carpet?

Originally, there has been a difference in the purpose of the carpets and thus also on the linking technique. If the carpets are attached with large loose loops, then they have been used initially to sling and stay warm, whereas the woven carpets or fixed carpets have been used to sit on.

Historically, linking the technique can be traced back to 1500 F. V. T, and it is still the same method used, and therefore, the handmade carpets are associated with high quality and a long life, since the whole hops with the manufacture is that the carpets should be able to hold to be used.

We recommend using loose rugs in places where traffic is not so much. They are well suited as decorative floor pieces in, for example, a living room and bedroom, where you barefoot or stocking socks suit your feet on the soft and warm ground. The woven carpets, on the other hand, are both functional and usable in traffic vessels such as kitchen and walking and under dining tables, as they are completely flat and therefore do not come in carambolage with doors, table and stogs.

The carpets contain many tales and, as a result, several also choose to use the carpets as the piece of handicrafts it is, and hang them up to the gait and admiration. For those who know the symbols, it is not just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, but also a unique story that can be ' read '.

In general, there is great curiosity and interest in genuine carpets, but at the same time it is also rooted in the notion that the carpets are cumbersome to hold. We would like to make that assumption to the ground, because whatever the technique, the carpets must be simply aired and banked. We do not recommend vacuuming of loosely attached rugs, but woven and fixed carpets can withstand vacuums. The carpets are not delicate garments that do not tolerate use, as they are linked by strong Amazigh women who are accustomed to harsh environments, so the carpets are of course also linked to withstand the winds and the weather.

In Morocco, women remove stains by washing the blanket with soap and put it to dry in the sunshine, and the carpet must lie in the sun until it is crunchable, so the methodology is difficult to practise in DK. Instead, we suggest that stain removal is carried out with an authorized carpet cleaner So that the rug is treated properly and retains its original shape and thus also value. Patina and usage signs are not equal impairment, since well-preserved old carpets, also called vintage carpets, increase in value/become more worth the older they become, and the reason for this is that the skilled craftsmanship is synonymous with quality.

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