Second episode on the upcoming Morocco adventure | Amlou

In a week we land in Morocco and I can already smell homemade tagine with chicken and pointy. It's the taste of home, and this is where we need our first day. We have started with the very long lists – what are we going to do, and who should we visit. Know in the Moroccan custom that when you as a stranger visit a new place, you are welcomed by the village, where you will be the house and eaten for 3 days before you ask about the stranger's intention with the visit. Although I am not a stranger, this hospitable tradition is cheried, so I predict that we are going to loom many different places J it will also be necessary, because we have to enter the country, out to the coast and up in the mountains J

We are in the process of creating a catalogue of the various handwork techniques that the women we cooperate with carry out and a colour catalogue so that it will be easier for our customers to order their own designs. We are so excited about the outcome. We have also partnered with several Danish companies, so now you will soon see Amlou popping up around the country...

Continuation follows...

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