Open your Easter egg from Amlou

Now we are at the time when the egg hunt goes in, and like the kid-friendly chocolate egg promises, we can also fulfill the whole 3 things-those that I associate with Easter, which is yellow and warm and smells of lamb.

The yellow is found in our carpets, and the color symbolizes happiness and light. The color is obtained by pulling the dye out of saffron threads and then insetting the wool before starting to start. Yellow is a classic applied color as it is part of the Amazigh people's flag and therefore also in their carpets. The whimsical is to scourge into Amlous's natural and healthy textiles. Whether it's a blanket your Pussel anchor, a PUF you rest your hang on, or whether it's soft grasses of lamb skins, you wrap your feet in, then you'll feel the soft carts beneath your soles, and you'll immediately sense the real Odeon of free-range lamb. Pure Magic – 3 desires met.

But what are your desires?

The classic carpet, or the more daring colourful, which is composed with a multitude of symbols? Maybe even a mix where authenticity and functionality flow together into an aesthetic whole.

That is the spirit of Amlou — to create a unique home with soul and story, in harmony with nature.

If you also have a craving, Amlou allows you to design your own carpet so that it gets the expression you want. You choose yourself the size, colors and symbols that you like and that fit into your home. It is a unique opportunity to create your own that no one else has, and we can offer you this special service as we work closely with the cooperative in Morocco. The price is fixed per m2, so there will be no spooky extra charges. Take a look at design your own carpet if you have become curious and contact us if you have any questions – it is completely non-committal.

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